All the work displayed at theblackbeargroup.org

is made by Karen Gamborg Knudsen and

in collaboration with the people credited.

Karen Gamborg Knudsen

b. Odense 1978, lives and works in Copenhagen, DK




The work focuses especially on drawing, print, installation art and architecture. The work is under influence of collaborative work.


Gamborg/ Magnussen

Since 2008. www.gamborgmagnussen.com



Entreentre is a digital and analogue exhibition and publishing platform for experimental art and architecture. Entreentre is based in Copenhagen and London. Founded, edited and curated by Frederik Petersen (DK/ UK), Anne Friis (DK) and Karen Gamborg Knudsen (DK). The project is temporary and is supported by Danish Art Foundation, The Dreyer Foundation and The Danish Nationalbank Jubilee Foundation of 1968.




Selected solo/duo shows

2015/ The National Museum of Photography, The Royal Library,  The octagon montre, A Line of Drawing, Copenhagen (DK)

2012/ Arch 2 Gallery, The Tablecloth, Winnipeg, 2012, University of Manitoba, Faculty of Architecture, Gamborg/ Magnussen, Winnipeg (CA)

2012/ Doll - Espace d'art Contemporain. The Tablecloth, Lausanne, 2012, Gamborg/ Magnussen, Lausanne (CH)

2011/ Modtar Projects, Wall-Drawing. In collaboration with Anne Friis, Copenhagen (DK)

2011/ Grand Palais - A frame “Gestell” for Art /Research /Discourse /Agency. The Passageway of Queen Louise, 2011. Gamborg/ Magnussen, Bern (CH)

2009/ Modtar Projects, The Table of Queen Louise, 2009. Gamborg/ Magnussen, Copenhagen (DK)

2009/ Gaden Finder Vej, The Table of Queen Louise, Taffel, 2009. Gamborg/ Magnussen. Invited guest artists Jakob Kullberg, Rune Glerup, Eske Nørrelykke, Christoffer Møller.  (DK)


Selected group shows

2018/ Natural Artifice, Oxford Glass Tank Gallery. Curated by Frederik Petersen/ Entreentre. Artists:: Richard Barnes (USA), Louis de Belle (IT/DE), Asger Carlsen (DK/USA), Karen Gamborg Knudsen (DK), Anne Haaning (DK/NO/UK), Vlatka Horvat (HR/UK), Mette Juul (DK), Karen Miranda-Rivadeneira (EC/USA), Onorato & Krebs (CH/DE), Claus Peder Pedersen (DK), Frederik Petersen (DK/UK), Fosi Vegue (ES).


2016/ KP-Spring 16, Kunsthal Aarhus - Contemporary art centre. Group show. Artists: Søren Krag, Janne Kruse, Karen Gamborg Knudsen. (DK)

2015/ Holstebro Kunstmuseum. The Still Life - Illusion and Reality. Group show. (DK)

Curated by Anders Gaardbo Jensen. Artists:  Martin Erik Andersen, Christoffer Munch Andersen, Morten Buch, Gamborg/ Magnussen, Jørgen Geisted, Ulrik Heltoft, Jeanette Hillig, Jakob Hunosøe, Per Kirkeby, Thomas Kluge, Tove Storch og Niels Strøbek.

2014/ KP14, Kunsthal Aarhus. Group show. (DK)

2013/ AZB - Kunstkammer, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zürcher Bildhauer, EAT-ART!. Schlieren (CH). Group show. Curated by Tanja Trampe, Anne Koskiluoma, John Canciani, Nonkululeko Mabaso. Artists: Gamborg/ Magnussen (DK), Chloë Bass (US), Simon Grab (CH), Merlin Zuni (US/CH), Larry Bang Bang (CH).

2013/ Espace TILT. MAKE, Renens. Group show. (CH). Curated by Nigel Peake and TILT. Artists: Anael Poveda (CH), Christophe Guberan (CH), Deth P Sun (US), Ephameron (BE), Evan Hecox (US), Gamborg/ Magnussen (DK), Iain and Vala (UK and IS), James Jarvis (UK), Marci Washington (US), Marcus Oakley (UK), Nieves (CH),  Nigel Peake (IE), Russell Ferguson (UK), Shea’la Finch (US).

2013/ Spring Exhibition 13. Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Group show. The Tablecloth, Charlottenborg, 2013, Gamborg/ Magnussen, (DK)

2010/ Modtar Projects, Drawing-Not-Drawing. Group show.  Copenhagen (DK)

Curated by Anne Friis. Artist: René Schmidt, Karen Gamborg Knudsen, Amanda Taarup Betz, Frederik Petersen, Emil Lykkegaard Hansen, Emil Westman Hertz, Martin Erik Andersen, Christian Finne, Petter Brandberg, AnneFriis/ Sol LeWitt.

2009/ Gaden Finder Vej, If only you could see what I have see with your eyes/ After The Party. Group show, Copenhagen (DK).

Curated by Saskia Peinow and Lise Bjerre. Artists: Astrid Mody, Anne Friis, Gamborg/ Magnussen, Amanda Betz, Byen Sover.

2009/ Undervejs, Tunnel Transformations. The Table of Queen Louise, 2009. Group show, (DK). Curated by Mie Hørlyck Mogensen.

2009/ Spring Exhibition 09. Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Group show. (DK)

Entré Entré/ If only you could see what I have see with your eyes. A project collaboration between , Astrid Moody, Ditte Marie Graversen, Amanda Betz, Anne Friis,Gamborg/ Magnussen, Byen Sover.

2008/ Modtar Projects, Angled Room (12’24”). Group show. (DK)

Curated by Anne Haaning. Artists: Frederik Petersen, Jakob Kullberg, Sandra Jouatte, Maya Lahmy, Kasper Magnussen, Karin Bech, Karen Iversen, Karen Gamborg, Gudrun Krabbe, Anne Haaning, Anne Friis, Jens Kamp, Ollie Bown.

2008/ Aedes Architecture Gallery, Berlin. Üeberfunktion - On the construction of  realities in architecture,  Group show. (DE)

Curated by Nadin Heinich. Artist: Teis Draiby, Karen Gamborg Knudsen, Nadine Jerchau.

2006/ The Royal Danish Academy, School of Architecture, Urban Landscape. Group show. (DK)

2006/ Spring Exhibition 06. Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Group Show. (DK)


2015/ Exhibition - Leth & Gori, Entreentre presents work by Teis Draiby and Nat Chard 

2015/ Online publication -  Entreentre/ On Architecture and Image,  Issue 1, 2, 3, 4

2015/ Pamphlet - Pamphlet 1, Entreentre presents work by Nat Chard, Perry Kulper and Teis Draiby, Edt. Entreentre



Danish Art Foundation - Visual arts (theblackbeargroup/ 2015), (Gamborg/ Magnussen/ 2016)

Danish Art Foundation - Architecture (Gamborg/ Magnussen/ 2011, 2016)  (Entreentre / 2015)

Danish Art Workshops - (theblackbeargroup/ 2015)

The Dreyers Foundation - (Gamborg/ Magnussen/ 2009, 2010) (theblackbeargroup/ 2015)

Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond -  (theblackbeargroup/ 2015)

The Danish National Bank Jubilee Foundation of 1968 (Gamborg/ Magnussen/ 2010, 2013, 2014), (Entreentre/ 2015)


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, 2005


2012/ Visiting Researcher, C.A.S.T. - Centre for Architectural Structures and Technology University of Manitoba, Faculty of Architecture. Gamborg/ Magnussen



2015/ The Still Life - Illusion and Reality. Holstebro Kunstmuseum, cataloge, Edt. Anders Gaardbo Jensen

2012/ Warehouse Journal no. 21, Edt. Nicole Hunt og Brandon Bergeman

2010/ Modtar Projects 2007-2010, Anthology. Edt. Modtar Projects

2008/ Plan - A Üeberfunktion - On the construction of  realities in architecture, Aedes Architecture Gallery, Edt. Nadin Heinich

2006/ Education, Research and Exhibitions 06. Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. Edt. Anders Abraham