All the work displayed at theblackbeargroup.org

is made by Karen Gamborg Knudsen and

in collaboration with the people credited.

Karen Gamborg Knudsen b. Odense 1978, lives and works in Copenhagen, DK

Contact: theblackbeargroup@gmail.com

theblackbeargroup/ www.theblackbeargroup.org - The work focuses on drawing, print, installation art and architecture. 

Gamborg/ Magnussen - Since 2008. www.gamborgmagnussen.com 

ENTREENTRE/ www.entreentre.org - Entreentre is a digital and analogue exhibition and publishing platform for experimental art and architecture.

Founded, edited and curated by Frederik Petersen (DK/ UK), Anne Friis (DK) and Karen Gamborg Knudsen (DK).

The project is supported by Danish Art Foundation, The Dreyer Foundation and The Danish Nationalbank Jubilee Foundation of 1968.